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At CHAUVET DJ, we believe continuing education is vital to the success of any business. As mobile entertainers strive to learn more and improve their craft, they are simultaneously building the mobile entertainment industry into a respectable and thriving business we are proud to be a part of and our clients are comfortable doing business with. The content in the CHAUVET DJ Academy videos was developed by experienced CHAUVET DJ professionals, as well as outside experts with decades of experience in the mobile entertainment industry. We stand by the valuable information delivered in each video and are confident it will enhance your gigs and make you a more lucrative mobile entertainer. Lighting is going to be a big focus of the CHAUVET DJ Academy curriculum. Lighting creates the visual aspect of an event and can provide an amazing multimedia experience when paired with great sound. Lighting has the ability to transform a mundane event into an extraordinary one – and extraordinary events make more money.


The CHAUVET DJ Academy is specifically designed for DJs, but bands event producers, and just about every mobile entertainer imaginable, will find it beneficial. This program is designed for mobile entertainers just getting started on their lighting journey. These courses will give you a better understanding of lighting terms, uses and technologies. Have fun and congratulations on becoming a better mobile entertainer!