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Latest Training

Palettes Advanced

Learn how to setup advanced palettes with Darren Field


View More ShowXpress Sessions!
View More ShowXpress Training!
  • Episode 4 // Pixels

    Take a inside look at Pixels within Showxpress! Learn how to import your pixel mapping fixtures and create stunning effects!

  • Episode 3 // Steps & Generator

    Darren will explain the function of steps and demonstrate key tools to create amazing light scenes. He'll also go in depth with the generator effect & generated scenes!

  • Episode 2 // Importing Fixtures & 3D view

    Darren will show how to import your fixtures, edit and assign dmx addressing. Also, will show how to use 2d viewer and setup your stage design with the 3d viewer.

  • Episode 1 // OVERVIEW

    Darren will go over the major key features of ShowXpress by Chauvet Lighting. If you are currently using the software or contemplating if this program is for you, this is a must see!


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